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What kind of psychological help can I get?

Victims of hate speech and hate crime do not only face severe stress during the crime. In the long term, they may also face long-term psychological consequences, such as insomnia, insecurity, personality changes or post-traumatic stress disorder. It is therefore advisable to seek professional psychological or emotional help when you encounter difficulties.

Primary mental health care

People can get state-funded psychological help at the mental health center where they are registered (these centers are usually attached to polyclinics, and smaller clinics have contracts with mental health professionals).

Clinics and outpatient clinics (polyclinics) must provide their patients with access to a mental health center team consisting of a psychiatrist, a child and adolescent psychiatrist, a mental health nurse, a social worker and a medical psychologist. For information, you can contact the center directly or the reception of your clinic – you don’t need a referral from your family doctor to register with a psychologist or psychiatrist.

Urgent psychological or psychiatric help is available without a waiting list during the opening hours of the mental health center.

Other organizations

Crisis Intervention Centre (Antakalnio str. 97, Vilnius). The organization’s specialists provide psychological support (only remotely during the quarantine period) with counselling on various issues. The first consultation is free of charge, the following seven consultations cost EUR 10 each. Consultations are available: weekdays 16–20, Saturdays 12–16. Consultations are available by phone (registration +370 640 51555),Skype, Messenger.

Specialists provide services in Lithuanian, English, Russian and Polish languages.

Emotional helplines

Organization Services Contact
Youth Line Free, anonymous emotional support 24 hours a day (online chats Monday–Saturday, 610pm) Tel: 8 800 28888,

help is also available via emails and online


Hope Line Free, anonymous, adult emotional support 24 hours a day Tel. 116 123, assistance is also available by e-mail:116123@viltieslinija.lt, live (Džiugo g. 6, Telšiai)
Women’s helpline Free, anonymous, adult emotional support 24 hours a day Tel. 8 800 66366, assistance also available by email, online chat
Don’t stay alone Free emotional, psychological and legal support for men To register for a consultation with a lawyer/psychologist/psychotherapist, please call 86 0411119 or email: info@nelikvienas.lt
Men’s Line Free emotional, psychological and legal support for men (weekdays, 10–14) Tel: 8 670 00027,

Help is also available at info@vyrulinija.lt

Trust line “Linija Doverija”



Free emotional support for adolescents and young people in Russian

(Tuesday-Saturday 16:00–20:00 (except public holidays)

Tel. 8 800 77277


Mobile apps

Mobile apps can also help you overcome the psychological difficulties caused by hate crime. They are not a substitute for mental health professionals, but they can provide tools for dealing with panic attacks, stress, insomnia and similar disorders.

Calm (Ramu): a free interactive app for people experiencing panic attacks. The app gives you the tools to overcome a panic attack in real time. It also teaches self-help skills, calming and relaxation. You can download the app to devices running the Android and iOS operating systems.

Help yourself (Pagalba sau). This free app allows you to monitor your status and find information on where to go (or refer others) for help. The content of the mobile app is divided into 5 parts: emotion tracking; self-help exercises; helpline contacts; an interactive map of helpers; and educational material. The app is designed for the Android operating system.