What legal aid can I get?

Persons recognized as victims of hate crime have the right to free legal aid during pre-trial investigations and court proceedings, when compensation is at stake. This is state-guaranteed secondary legal aid, which is independent of a person’s income. This is provided by the State Guaranteed Legal Aid Service (the Service). The following people are entitled to such assistance: citizens of Lithuania and other EU countries, persons legally residing in Lithuania and the EU, and other people defined in international treaties.

In the case of violent crime, the victim is entitled to compensation for material and non-material damage. Damages can be paid by court order or in advance.

To apply for secondary legal aid, victims of hate crime must submit the following documents: an application, proof of identity, a document recognizing the person as a victim, if available, and a court judgement.

The application and documents can be submitted at the Service, at its territorial units, by post or by electronic means (in which case an electronic signature is required).

Service addresses:

Vilnius Division Kaunas Division Klaipėda Division
Odminių str. 3, LT-01122 Vilnius;
Tel. 8 700 00 211;
E-mail: teisinepagalba@vgtpt.lt
Kęstučio str. 21, LT-44320 Kaunas;
Tel. 8 700 00 177
E-mail:  kaunoskyrius@vgtpt.lt
Vilties str. 10, LT-92231 Klaipėda;
Tel. 8 700 00 191;
E-mail: klaipedosskyrius@vgtpt.lt


Šiauliai Division Panevėžys Division
Vasario 16-osios str. 49, LT-76296 Šiauliai;

Tel. 8 700 00 214;
E-mail:  siauliuskyrius@vgtpt.lt

Klaipėdos str. 72, LT-35194, Panevėžys

Tel. 8 700 355 02;

E-mail: panevezioskyrius@vgtpt.lt


Services of a private attorney-at-law are also available.

Non-governmental organizations also provide assistance to victims in Lithuania:

European Foundation of Human Rights. Advice, drafting of legal documents, representation before courts and other institutions.

Lithuanian Red Cross. Provides legal advice to migrants (refugees, asylum-seekers, asylees).

National LGBT organization LGL.  Provides free legal advice to victims of hate crime in the LGBT community.

Centre for Crime Prevention in Lithuania. A team of criminologists, psychologists and lawyers provide free support. Provides information, answers questions, and helps you find out where and how to report a crime.