How do I report hate crime?

Victims of hate crime and/or hate speech are advised to report it to law enforcement or other responsible authorities.

If you have experienced a hate crime, you can report it:

POLICE: In case of a threat to life, health, safety or property, call the general emergency number 112. Officers must arrive immediately at the scene of the crime and provide the necessary assistance. You can also report a crime by filling in the electronic reporting form on the website. You can also report hate speech (slogans on the street, text messages, comments on the internet) in the same way.

Persons with hearing impairments can report a crime by text message (tel. 112) using the mobile app “112 Lithuania”. You can also use a Lithuanian sign language interpreter or a “silent call” service.

PROSECUTOR’S OFFICE. You can also report hate speech directly to the Prosecutor General’s Office at Rinktinės g. 5A, LT-01515 Vilnius, or by email to For a sample report in Word format, click here: sample report on possible incitement to hatred.

OFFICE OF THE INSPECTOR OF JOURNALIST ETHICS. If you notice hate speech in the media (articles, publications, advertisements, social media posts, etc.), please report it to the Office of the Inspector of Journalist Ethics. You can submit your complaint online or send it to Gedimino pr. 60, LT-01110, Vilnius.

This service does not evaluate radio and TV content.

NON-GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATIONS. Victims of hate crime rarely seek help, so their experiences are often not recorded. The true extent of these crimes is therefore unknown. You can report a hate crime you have experienced or witnessed to the Lithuanian Centre for Human Rights (LCHR). You can do so by filling in this form. When reporting, you can choose to whom you pass the information: a) LCHR; b) other NGOs providing assistance to victims; c) the police. You can submit your information anonymously.

The national LGBT rights organization “LGL” has created a similar platform. You can report a hate crime based on sexual orientation or gender identity by filling in this form.

The European Foundation of Human Rights can provide free legal advice and help you fill in a report to law enforcement. You can contact the organization’s experts by phone +370 691 50 822 or by email